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    06-19 12:32 PM
    My Client due to some reasons unable to offer fulltime position . But they are extending my project bt 2- 2 months . Now they extended till Aug 2009 . My visa is expiring in sep 2009 .

    Should I ask my employer to file extention Now ? or should I file in August ?

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  • LondonTown
    05-23 01:47 PM
    While you are waiting for the reply from embassy, take some time and post your comments (Idea #250 which has Rank 1) at Homeland Security's website (

    Also, send this link to anyone who is in similar situation or has been in similar situation.

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  • spaceguy
    07-21 10:29 PM
    Can anyone please reply.

    Your wife can apply for SSN and can work on using EAD. This will not affect your status. You can still work on H1.

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  • Blog Feeds
    04-26 11:30 AM
    The Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch has been in the news for a couple of years now because of its efforts to run undocumented immigrants out of the city. The city leaders have attempted to do this by passing ordinances making it illegal to rent apartments or houses to such immigrants.

    Unfortunately for the city, these ordinances keep getting shot down in court as unconstitutional, and the city has been forced to pay the legal fees of the plaintiffs who sue the city over the ordinances. After the latest adverse ruling, the Farmers Branch City Council voted this month to appeal the federal court judgment.

    The rationale for the appeal is that this time the decision will be made by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which is notoriously conservative. The city believes this court will be more likely to ignore or overturn other court opinions and decide that the ordinance is indeed constitutional.

    The city's outside counsel has estimated the legal fees for an appeal could range from $100,000 to $150,000. Thus far, Farmers Branch has spent about $3.2 million trying to get illegal immigrants out of town, and has set aside another $620,000 for the remainder of 2010. By some estimates, the total legal costs could be more than $5 million by the end of this year. That's a lot of money for a city with a population of about 30,000.

    For several years I lived in Carrollton, the suburb immediately north of Farmers Branch. I worked in Dallas, immediately south of Farmers Branch. So I passed through Farmers Branch at least twice each day, and actually was in the city far more than that. It's a nice town, with nice people. I hate to see all the negative publicity they are getting, although I do strongly disagree with their attempts to drive immigrants from Farmers Branch.

    I know Farmers Branch has much more pressing needs for the money they are spending on these federal court appeals. Road maintenance, libraries, activities for senior citizens, and many other city projects are left wanting. That's a sad situation, and unfair to the residents of Farmers Branch.

    More... (


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  • texcan
    10-10 11:25 PM
    Thanks Raju Ram...

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  • prioritydate
    09-01 09:53 PM
    First of all congratulations to all those who got their approval in the last couple months. Now comes the big dilemma for some of us. Did anyone tried to switch their jobs, or at least, ditch their current employer? Did anyone switched their employer immediately after the green card approval? I am sailing in this boat. I want to switch my employer ASAP, but is hesitating to do so... as you know there are some obvious reasons later. What are other problems that you think other than getting tons of questions during the citizenship? Appreciate your answers. ;)


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  • Seb Hughes
    04-17 09:21 AM
    Yeah what is wrong with Macs

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  • pawelw
    07-05 01:51 AM
    My I140 (and I485) were filed in May 2010 (EB2, NSC). My attorney just notified me they received an RFE regarding my eduction. Apparently USCIS needs more details on my MSc degree from Poland (integrated, 5 years) and explanation why is it equivalent US masters degree.
    Has anyone had a similar hurdle when filing under EB2 with a degree like that? Should I be terribly worried about getting my I140 approved or do cases like that normally go through (provided that an RFE is correctly replied to)?


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  • gc_kaavaali
    07-01 01:04 PM
    I think your parents can provide affidavit with your date of birth (incase you cannot get Birth Certificate). And also you need to get another document from municipal saying 'No record found' something. I am not sure. Try to search in this forum. Members discussed sever times on this topic.

    I have a question, on 25 june i got a RFE, i have not received it yet neither did my lawyer. The case status shows that both me and my wife got the RFE. I think its most probaly to produce the Birth Certificate.

    My wife BC is in the process and i think i will be able to get it by the end of the week.



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  • chintu25
    12-13 03:15 PM
    I suggest we start with a parallel campaign to increase the number of IV members . Each IV member to bring in atleast one new member .

    Steps to take:
    Explanation : Explain, Teach /Preach or do whatever it takes to tell people about IV and what its mission is. Many people think IV is just a propaganda. SHOW them what IV has done. Tell them about the Rally Tell them about the FLower campaign . Make then visit the site

    Reasoning : Make them understand that the EAD or the Labor that they are sitting on was not gotten thru some magic wand. It was thru efforts . Efforts of us IVians.

    If we are able to get one person each to enroll. I am sure atleast 20 % of the new enrollees will start to understand IV and maybe contribute to it as well

    This is something that can be done sitting where u r without any special effort. Let go IVians . This is one of the easiest things to do

    CORE team please help and support.


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  • willgetgc2005
    04-28 02:51 PM
    Bumping up.....

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  • ramb
    09-30 06:11 PM
    I'm going to Canada on vacation for 2 days. I've read that if yr I-94 is valid and even if yr visa is expired you can return to US (thru automcatic revalidation)
    1. you have not applied for US visa in Canada
    2. you dont belong to a country declared as sponsoring terrorism.

    My question is if you surrender yr I-94 to a Canadian inspector while crossing in to Canada, what do you show US immigration people while coming back? Do they stamp something etc? Has anyone gone thru this or knows abt this?



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  • jaggubhai
    08-12 09:48 PM
    I just checked the copy sent to me from my law office. It says I-485 pending for the current status. I got the EAD renewed without any problem.

    I saw somewhere that you can alos write AOS pending.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Rune
    September 14th, 2004, 11:30 AM ea679 reports that the Norwegian Nikon distributor Interfoto held a press conference today warning people against using "cheap" memory cards from vendors not on Nikon's approved list.

    According to Interfoto the cheap memory cards doesn't fit too well physically and can damage the camera. Their service department report pins that are either broken or even forced into the camera itself.

    In addition there has been problems with pictures disappearing when "the card crash".

    Interfoto recommends Sandisk and Lexar, as well as Microdrives from IBM/Hitachi. (Interfoto is the Norwegian Lexar distributor btw)

    Has anyone else heard something similar?


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  • jain4444
    11-09 10:01 PM

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  • smartboy75
    08-25 05:33 PM
    thanks for the new sequence.

    I tried what u suggested but after entering the sequence number I tried pressing 3 midway but USCIS said invalid selection and said the call is being terminated.

    Boy they look really pissed.

    So much for customer service.


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  • IneedAllGreen
    06-18 12:41 AM
    Its alright most of the time USCIS looks for last year or last 2 years tax return. I think W-2 is good enough to prove that you are eligible for Tax return.

    Hi everyone,

    I have 2004 W2 but cant seem to find my tax return. I have 2003, 2005, 2006tax returns but not 2004. What can I do to get that return. Please any advice will be appreciated.


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  • Jubba
    04-06 05:26 PM
    well ones a fax and the other is a California area code telephone number...

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  • amitga
    01-25 09:37 AM
    Even GC cannot work on security Clearance projects. Only Citizens allowed.

    05-03 03:03 PM

    I am currently on my first OPT which expires in June second week. The company which I am working for is an everified company, hence I applied for my STEM extension last week(I did not get the receipt of confirmation/the new OPT STEM extension card till now). As the STEM extension rules say that we can work for a maximum of 180 days without getting out OPT card, I thought its fine and hence applied a little late.

    The problem here is that my company is getting acquired by another company(this company is not e-verified, but they are planning to get everified, don't know when). It is still in the process of acquisition and the deal is expected to close by July. As this company is not everified(as of now) I cannot work for this company after my first opt expires, till it gets the everified status. As is a general phenomena that when a bigger company acquires another company, some cost cutting might happen.

    I have a few questions.

    1) Do you guys suggest applying for a H1B, with my current company (The problem is that even if my current company applies H1B, I cannot work for the new company as my H1 will be in processing and the new company is not everified, and I would be out of status. I cannot face this situation if the new company gets everified status before my first opt expires, but I am not sure if this is going to happen).

    2)If I file my H1b and the new company decides to not take anyone from the previous company, then my opt would have been canceled as I have applied for H1, and I would not also get H1.

    3)If I get my H1 approved before we get removed, I would have only 1 month(grace period between H1 jobs, I assume) to get a new job and transfer my H1.

    4)Also I dont know if I apply for H1 during the time of acquisition, I am kinda confused what happens with the processing.

    I am really sorry if there is a similar post, but I could not find any. Also I could jolt down only the above scenarios. Please help if there are any other scenarios I missed out.

    Kindly Advice.

    Thanks in advance.

    06-03 08:47 PM
    My last EAD and AP were filed at TSC and that is what is specified in e-file application. Now I am getting worried :confused:

    Update 1: During the EAD efiling process I made a mistake which might have caused this anomaly. More on this thread (

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