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  • Annabel
    05-13 06:44 PM
    OH thank you for that reply! I hope this will indeed be the case.

    I have no clue where I left my brain that day, amazing how one can make such a stupid mistake when things really matter.

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  • STAmisha
    02-19 09:56 AM
    I'm on H1 and My spouse is on H4 (came on H4 in Dec 2003)
    We are both Canadian PR's. I worked out a deal with my US based to company so that I work in Canada and come to USA occasionally.

    Here are a few questions regd my spouse

    Planning to apply for H1 in April 2007, Once H1 is approved
    -Can we use automatic revalidation to enter USA without getting our visa's stamped. My h1 expired in 2006 and my spouse;s H4 expired in 2006.
    (remember my spouse is applying for H1 )
    -How safe it is FrequENTLY travel to Canada and back
    -How safe it is to stay in Canada for duration of 3-6 months and come back to USA
    -Once my spouse gets the H1 approved, should he move to H1 immediatly or can continue on H4?
    -stamping of H1 (first stamping for H1 in Canada) after conversion from H4

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  • bustin#39; a 5-year-old crafts

  • looivy
    07-29 01:33 AM
    Hi All,

    My passport expires in 2 months time. I checked Indian Consulate in Chicago website for passport renewal (Passport and Consular Services ( _New_Passport
    ). It instructs you to fill out an online application at

    What I am confused is in the second field "Service Desired", what do I fill? I do not know which of these two options I should fill (a) Passport for children upto 15 years (b) Fresh Passport (c) Re-issue of passport (d) New passport in lieu of damaged or lost passport. Options (a) and (d) do not apply to me. Should I fill (b) or (c)?

    These options are a bit confusing and I could not locate any instructions for this web form. The consulate phone number just keeps on playing a 5 minute generic recording.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • anilsal
    01-28 10:55 PM
    the change in salary ($76K to 120K) is a cause for concern. It depends how long ago you filed your labor. If it has been greater than 5 years, IMO the salary change may be ok. Rather than the titles, the job duties have to reasonably match.

    Not a lawyer


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  • 13-year-old Chris Barton

  • krishnam70
    05-06 06:03 PM
    Need advice on my birth certificate matter.

    I have my birth certificate. My DOB is correct on it along with Date of its registration (DOB+5 days).
    My father's name and mother's name is not spelt exactly the same as in my passport.

    my father's name has an extra "bhai" in the name. xxxxbhai yyyyy zzzzz
    my mother's name has only her first name and not her full name. aaaaa

    My passport has thier correct full names.

    What kind of document(s) would i need to submit in order for me to use thier names listed on the passport? Could this cause an issue?

    OR am I preparing for no reason?

    Thanks for all your help,

    You never know with USCIS

    1. Try and see if you can get a corrected Birth certificate with the correct names issued.
    2. Try to get affidavit's from your parents that they are also known by the name's present in the passport and birth certificate
    3. Try and get any/all kind of supporting documentation to support this fact including any affidavits from other relatives ( elder people than your parents)
    5. Official documents that establish you to be related to them and also any other documents that show that both the people are same.
    6. In case of your mother's last name not appearing the certificate try and contact the municipal admn and see if they issue a new certificate which contains the correct name and with that an explanation letter that the records stand corrected or whatever
    7. Secondary evidence like - your educational transcripts that contain your father's name
    8. Official identity cards( voter registration etc) that prove the same

    basically any document that establishes the link

    good luck

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  • Mot much colouring at all.

  • moonrah
    07-28 06:21 PM
    Hello All,

    Can someone please help if they can? This is an urgent matter .

    Thanks in advance.


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  • chapsi29
    07-31 04:50 PM
    Hello all,

    I am currently on H1B visa working for an IT company. I have got an admit for this Fall to do my MS and I was planning to study using my EAD. Now there seems to be some risk in using my EAD and so I want to apply for F1. I have applied for I-485 (Adjustment of status) along with my husband's green card application.

    My question is:

    1: Is it a problem to apply for F1 if my I-485 is pending approval ? The reason I ask is, F1 is a Non Immigrant visa and I-485 is for a green card (which is Immigrant visa).

    2: Would my F1 application cause my 485 to be denied or vice versa ?

    Thanks in advance

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  • desibechara
    07-20 03:42 PM

    PD labor certfied online on June28 2007

    I have been waiting for the hard my Hr called Dol and asked whether they have mailed. The Dol officer sent the Cover letter by email (first page of whole approved package) to company HR showing the certification . She also told HR that cover letter was enough for I140 filing.

    Is it true? Please let me know.



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  • honeybee
    09-25 03:13 PM

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  • TexDBoy
    09-11 10:30 PM
    I think if the current H1B is expired, he has to apply transfer from India to a different company and go for VISA again ....

    What Happens to my H1B if I am Abroad?
    Questions arise on the topic of traveling abroad, or come from those who are outside the United States. An individual might have had an H1B filed by an employer, but for one reason or another, never entered the U.S. or worked for the employer. One might have been in the U.S. as an H1B employee at some point, but then left the U.S. to live abroad. People such as these ask about getting their H1Bs transferred from companies where they either never worked or are no longer working. Since there is no transfer, there is no concern about this issue. If one is abroad, the new company must file a new H1B petition. There is no pay stub problem in connection with the petition for a person living abroad, since there is no possibility of an extension of H1B status when the individual is not in the United States. (Lack of proper pay records may be an issue at the consulate in connection with an H1B visa application for one who was in the U.S. as an H1B employee, but was not being paid the required prevailing wage.) The H1B employee would need a new visa, if the earlier H1B visa stamp had expired.


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  • starscream
    05-27 12:46 PM
    From what I read in the article they are talking about chaging 'the place of incorporation' from Bermuda to Ireland to avoid paying higher taxes through the proposed tax legislation ...dosent't talk about relocating all operations to Ireland

    Accenture is one of the big US consulting companies. They are moving to Ireland , as Mr President is trying to making Tax laws to stop outsourcing.

    Looks like IBM would be the next to follow.

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  • satishku_2000
    06-17 07:23 PM
    Are doctors supposed to share the results with us or dont they share the results ? My understanding is that doctors are supposed to share the results...


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  • number30
    06-09 06:45 AM
    My question is regarding Citizenship. My mother married my step father in the year 2000. They have 2 children one is 7 the other is 9. My mother did not adjust her status right after they married. she waited a few years. She received her green card on November of 2006. "the one that renews every 10 years. This year she separated him because she cheated on her. They are not legally separated or anything like that. She wants to become a US Citizen but we think it might be a problem since this year they did not file taxes together. When she did her taxes she checked the box that says shes filing married but separately. He does not want the divorce but she does. I told her she should hold of on any divorce and see about getting her citizenship first. What complications can she have since this year they did not file jointly. I appreciate your time and any input
    No she should not have any problems since she has 10 year validity green card(One with Condition removed). IF the citizenship is applied after three years green card they will check the validity of the marriage. Usually if you apply citizenship after 5 years there are will not be questions about marriage. if you have the issues apply 2011

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  • suttu
    01-14 12:28 PM
    Its been more than a month that my employer got the approval email but the lawyers say they never got the paper cert. In their opinion, now it is too late to expect the paper. They also say that it is impossible to get a duplicate cert from DOL.

    The only option, per my lawyers, is to file a regular I140 and ask USCIS to get the duplicate directly from USDOL when we get the RFE.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience or is the laywer pulling my chain since i have three EADs and APs due for approval in 3 months.

    Can folks confirm that PERM certs indeed go missing and this is the only recourse?


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    03-30 09:52 AM
    Guys, have not heard any thing about my I-140 PP.
    I was mailed on 03/23 thru DHL. Is it normal. I was thinking they will approve it in 5-15 days?

    Any one who recently filed concurent?

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  • chanduv23
    09-20 11:33 AM
    If you have the valid H1b stamped while your 485 is pending and got RN,FP done,you should not have any issues in POE.So are you done with your FP?? Its always safe you wait for FP and finish it and then decide your travel plans.


    I travelled after 485, got h1b stamping , came baack and recently my checks also got cashed and am looking for the Reciept Notice also.

    I did not have any issues anywhere.

    For FP - you just have to make sure someone is checking ur mailbox so that you will know when FP date comes, and you can postphone FP to a later date when you return


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  • martinvisalaw
    03-22 07:09 PM
    I just found out that my employer did not update the work location on my LCA. I have been working in new jersey for over 4 years now. I have my primary address as Indiana and my company is registered in Illinois. I got payroll on Illinois for 2 years and now NJ for 1 year. How can i correct this? Is it too bad a problem already?

    I don't know what location was listed on the LCA, but since you moved before a new LCA was filed, the employer needs to file a H-1B amendment to correct the situation. If there was a new LCA filed before you moved, no H-1B amendment would have been needed.

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  • golgappa
    08-19 01:13 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I am in company A on H1B and doing H1B transfer to Company B.

    Company B is saying that I can join the same day on which the H1B transfer packet is received by USCIS.

    if the docs are delivered on SEP 01 2009 can I join on the same day, or I should join from SEP 02 2009

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  • for a 4 year old alphabet

  • Venkat_175
    03-28 04:59 PM

    I changed employer in 2010 so my wife got new H4 valid until 03/2013 ( I-94 valid until 03/2013). She traveled to India last year and while returning she did not show her new H4 approval to immigration office so got I-94 until 08/2011 (old H4 was stamped until 08/2011).
    My question is does she need to file I-539 for I-94 extension? If yes, process is similar like any other(B1, B2) extension? I appreciate any kind of help.


    Thank you all. Visited border protection office and they extended I-94.

    04-18 11:14 AM
    Hi everyone,

    I got my labor approved under perm on Sept 11th however I have not filed for I140 as yet. This is because of employer making n reasons to file the same. Anyways, if the 45 day rule comes into play - does my labor get cancelled as it has been more than 45 days since it has been approved or does the 45 day period start after April 26th. How many of you think this rule will come out. I hope it does. That way employers will have no choice but to file I 140. A lot of employers now adays are stalling filing the same since they fear the employee will move. Am I the only one facing the same problem or are there others as well?

    Thanks and regards

    05-24 07:09 PM
    Hi people here,

    I need your help.

    My company, a consulting firm, received an intent to deny notice for my labor application. (They received it in 1st week of may and a** telling me now. Needs to be replied by Jun 1st)

    The lawyer and HR tell me that I have to get letters from my managers at my different clients explaining why they needed BS + 5 years of experience for the position and why they need certain set of skills.

    If anybody has experience in dealing with such notice, please give me your inputs. How do you justify a need of 5 years experience in tangible and intangible terms?


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