Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • pinganand
    07-07 12:05 PM
    Thanks for your response.

    As per Indian law, my spouse's father should have also published her name change with the Gazette. That was not done.

    Indian Law: how to change my name legally, general administration department, gazette notification (

    We are thinking of filing the documents we have while working on getting the additional gazette documents.

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  • gaz
    09-01 03:26 PM

    My 140 is approved. My H1b is already extended for 3 years.

    1) Can my spouses H1b get 7th year extension based on this?
    2) If not, can my spouse move to H4?

    Thank you.

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  • perm2gc
    09-06 01:07 PM
    Her petetion is filed in May. And she travelled out of USA last month. So you need to do is to start working and get a visa stamp of H1 when you go out of the country. Can you please stop advertising on the board about your company..

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  • kevnss
    04-01 12:36 PM
    Any help would be greately appreciated.


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  • Aura M.
    01-14 02:51 PM
    Good Afternoon:
    Quick question.
    I am going to re-new my h-1b for the next 3 years.. What are the steps to follow??
    Any one that all ready this step pls advised.
    -Do I need to fill out a Labor form again or just I-129 to USIC ???
    Thanks for any info.

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  • rameshraju11
    06-08 11:00 AM
    Yes , we received an RFE letter seems after RFE expiration date. but USCIS online case status still shows case was received and pending. it did not talk about RFE letter was sent


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  • immivjj
    10-10 11:07 AM
    I got my FP done a couple of weeks ago at the Dallas ASC on the scheduled date. Have noticed from other threads that people have gone to other ASC at an unscheduled date and were able to get it done. I think you can go as well and explain your situation if they object. If they are not too busy that day they might let you in; guess the hours are from 8AM to 3PM. You can try to be the first one in the morning. It doesn't take more than 15 minutes for the entire process. Good Luck!!

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  • jonty_11
    06-15 04:00 PM
    yes lets continue the support and laud all the good work IV has done thus far.


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  • BMS1
    09-16 06:45 AM
    Similar case

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  • zico123
    06-22 10:43 AM
    Does anybody know as to how long it takes to receive the H1B receipt # when its being processed in premium processing?

    Mine was premium processing. 15 days to receive receipt and another 15 days to receive approval.


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  • imh1b
    05-19 09:37 AM
    The design is good. Has the cost of Greencard also gone up for new applicants?

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  • immitul
    09-05 12:44 PM
    I am on the same wife got H1 approval recently without COS, and H4 extension applied two weeks ago (on top of it I-485 has been applied).

    My lawyer suggested to file for H4 extension to cover that gap that is there before H1-B takes effect i.e. October 1st (or she will be Out Of Status). And after October 1st, revoke the H4 petition.


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  • mrsr
    08-09 02:39 PM
    not yet

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  • sanju_dba
    06-18 04:10 PM
    check this thread you will get your answers...

    Admin: Please close this thread! ( Duplicate )


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  • VenuK
    07-11 01:57 AM
    What is Security Clearance?

    who does it
    when does it happen
    what exactly happens during this process.
    what exactly do they look for.
    could you pls look into my case. any kinda advice is greatly appreciated.
    here is the link to my case:

    --------Additional Information related to my case ----------

    ==========POINTED TO BE NOTED=================

    1. Why extension was denied, what was in RFE?
    venu_mk: RFE was due to
    a. lack of documents,
    b. they needed company no.of employers update info which uscis did not have on there record.
    c. client letter
    d. clearly defined path between employer and client relationship( had 2 vendors between them) I had to show contracts and workorders between each of them.

    2. Did you get the approval for Company X after your apeal
    venu_mk: appeal on denial case is still in process. what i heard after talking to different lawyers is it will take atleast 6 to 9 months of time. im still waiting on that.

    3. Why are you still working with Company X,and when do you plan to join Co. Y
    venu_mk: because i cannot work with company Y unless i get visa stamped.i talked to owner of company Y he said he wont generate pay stubbs unless i get stamped. One thing is i have applied I-797 from Company Y through CONSULAR PROCESSING. my lawyer says the same thing u cannot work on Company Y unless u get stamping done.

    4. Are you going to get visa stamped with Co. X or Co. Y

    venu_mk: Obviously with Company Y.

    On I-797 from Y it doesn't have I-94 number on it anywhere. since its through consular processing.
    In order to work with Y, i have to get stamped first then only pay stubbs are generated

    The result of the appeal is still pending....
    one thing for sure that i have decided is that , I will only go for stamping AFTER my PIMS Verification is done in TIjuana, Mexico.

    I'm pretty confused...
    Please help me

    With Thanks in Advance,

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  • rockdanation
    03-13 07:29 PM
    My employer has been playing this game with me. He filed for my Labour and it got approved in August of 2007. However he did not file for my I-140 until Feb of 2008 , just a week before the labour would expire. Now its been over year , he does not give me my SRC number but keeps telling me its been approved under EB-2 catagory. As for me , I am current in EB-2 , I just checked April Bulletin and I still am current. It looks like he is not going to file for my 485. Is there anyway I can make him file or file myself. Please know, the lawyer is on his side as well. I have asked the lawyer number of times for SRC number but he does not provide that either. What are my option other than joining a new company.



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  • pd_recapturing
    06-17 09:35 PM
    If I am able to get the PD ported from EB3 to EB2, it will be May 2004 other wise, it will remain May 2004 for EB3. but, at the same time, I am not very sure that PD will be ported successfully, though, in my company, whoever has applied PD porting has got it ported. Is it worth taking the risk ?

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  • mjdup
    08-25 10:34 AM
    I've an appointment in October at Munich, Germany consulate for H1B stamping. Because of time constraints I decided to get the stamping done when I'm out there for work. I've already obtained the german visa (though had to provide plenty of explanation !). This is my 9th yr extn (MS, EB2 - 140 approved)

    - Can anyone share their experience at the Munich consulate?
    - or, should I plan going to Canada and trying rather taking the risk in Germany?


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  • cache22
    12-01 03:01 PM
    Once a person had applied for 485, till they get advance parole if they had gone out of US, the application will be dropped.
    I did hear that if you are in H1 B then it is not the case, but lots of Lawyers are advising not to get out of country till the person gets advance parole.

    I do remember seeing lots of discussion in one of the portals on this topic, I remember that counselor processing is the option in this type of case.

    This is a complex situation, you should consult a lawyer.

    11-11 09:56 PM
    3.5 cm x 3.5 cm is the specified size that I found in CGI Houston website

    04-22 05:01 PM
    It looks really good :) Have you considered adding a monetary value for the stamp? If not, I'll add it up like this.

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