Sunday, July 3, 2011

In Love And Lonely

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  • wandmaker
    08-25 01:19 PM

    I have my I140 approved couple of years ago and now our company is being acquired by another firm. As a result I may lose my job. I am on 5th year of H1 and have I140 copy.

    I got an offer with a project from a top consulting firm who is willing to transfer my H1 and also carry forward GC.

    However I am concerned, as that consulting firm has the history of cancelling the H1 once they could not find any new projects after the current project. But in current market scenario, I could find any other opportunity and it may be necessary to join that firm.

    So lets say after one/two years, if I lose my job with that firm and want to carry forward my H1/GC with other company, will it be possible?

    What should I ask the firm now (terms and conditions, before start working with them) to make my self in safe position later on?

    Thanks for your advice.


    PD on your profile does not sound realistic, whats your actual PD? I assume you have not filed your 485 according to your profile. This may help throw some opinions.

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  • VivekAhuja
    09-11 05:20 PM

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  • hiharsh
    08-03 12:41 PM
    Hi ,
    I was convicted of petty larceny in NY. I was convicted of disorderly conduct PENEL CODE 240.20 on 05/25/2006 in NEW YORK . The actual arraignment charges applied were

    I performed 6 days of community service. Paid some $75. After a 1 year (5-26-2007) the charges were expunged. I have disposition letter from the NY court.

    When I applied for my green card in July 2006 , in the I-485 / green card file I revealed that I was charged, convicted and arrested and my charges were expunged. I got my green card in August 2007 on the bases of VAWA (Violence against women act).

    Now, I have been living in Maryland for the last 3 years.(Since September 2007)

    I have applied for neutralization.

    I am scared that I shall not be deported or citizenship should not be denied because of my conviction which is disposed almost 4 years old.
    I have no charges against me after that incident.

    I am filing my tax returns every year.

    Do you think I can still be denied the citizenship? Or I can be deported ?

    I would appreciate your response.


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  • ujayra01
    07-18 08:29 PM
    you are correct .

    You can file AOS for her mention both her current H4 status and also inxclude a copy of H1 notice just in case

    Thanks for your reply.


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  • TheCanadian
    04-13 01:31 AM
    Congrats everyone!!!

    Thanks for the contest Kirupa :hoser:

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  • waiting for GC2010
    11-18 12:01 PM
    is it? I am not aware of this.Anyways thankyou fide_champ.


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  • guchi472000
    12-08 08:06 PM
    Good Morning.....

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  • hemanth22
    06-25 05:29 PM
    yes, that is correct, i meant can i got for H-1 stamping while 485 is pending
    and ead/ap is approved.
    Again in case the H-1 stamping is denied for any reason , can i come back on AP

    I am a little concerned of H1 stamping being a problem because my case is complicated ,for the years June 2005- June 2006 i dont have a H1 approval from USCIS for the 6th year, This was because the case was stuck in a security check .
    We applied a case again in April 2006 , which was approved on August 2006 ( after the security check has been completed ).



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  • viveksri
    06-19 11:59 AM
    Finally USCIS has corrected the processing date typo. The dates are not back to original track.

    I guess its good news from the EAD point of view.


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  • md2003
    08-28 09:08 AM
    I am planning to go to Canada for H1B visa stamping. Will there be any problem if i have company on H1B. I opened in 2003 and My friend is working in that company. I am working for my employer only. Will there be any problem if i have company either in GC stage or getting Visa in Canada.



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  • gc4vk
    12-13 04:43 PM
    Have another question regarding AP, we have filed 485 in jul 07, we got Recept for AP, but no other updated on AP, in case of Emargency can we go to the local office to get AP, is there any Rule that poeple applied AP for the first time will not get the same from local office.

    Pd: EB3, Aug 04
    I 140 : Jan 07
    485: Jul 07

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  • raysaikat
    07-08 10:39 PM
    but we sent out the application package on June 28 (Friday) and the USCIS received our package on July 1st (Based on the Fedex tracking record). There is no way that my employer can refer to the new prevailing wage databse, which is released on July 1st.

    Well, technically your employer is not supposed to set the wage based on the prevailing wage (or any other immigration related number). Your wage should be based on the job you perform.


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  • rpeter
    09-26 03:59 PM
    Does anybody know what the fees are for filing EAD (yearly) extensions if you filed for EAD, 485 before August 17.


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  • wc_user
    07-30 02:18 PM

    I took an infopass appt for EAD pending more than 90 days. Both my EAD and my wife's EAD is pending for more than 90 days. Should I take 2 different appointments or can we both go in the same appointment.



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  • 131313
    September 14th, 2005, 04:58 PM
    Dude. Your "Bloody Eyes", "Ozzfest 2005", and "John 5" rock.
    Who are those guys, bloody eyes, and the guy with glasses in the Ozzfest 05 photo? I guess I don't know who John 5 is either, looks like he'd play for MM. ...guess other than Sabb and Maiden, arenarock aint my thing.
    ...saw your ?? about PPlanet, I'll let ya know if they correct it next month.

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  • bfadlia
    05-15 01:38 PM
    I am looking for a cheap lawyer in Chicago area who will be willing to do basic paperwork for Canada immigration. Please suggest.

    The process is so simple, instructions on the website are clear. There is no need for a lawyer. Most people I know did it themselves successfully. I did it on my own too and I'm about to land soon.

    On second thought, you may hire me to help you :)


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  • ztopia
    03-30 09:09 PM

    Yes. U have to file a G28 for ur spouse. I am in a similar situ and am in the process of doing so myself.

    As for the actual porting, did u do an H-1 transfer or did u start at ur new company using ur EAD? If u did transfer over ur H-1 did u wait until u got the actual USCIS receipt to start work?

    Does anyone know what what legal expenses one might ...once form G-28 is filed for a new lawyer to represent an applicant (I-140 has been approved and I-485 was filed more than 180 days ago)??

    Hi All,

    I have used AC21 to switch employers. I also changed attorney using G28.

    Do I need to file G28 for my spouse as well for the new attorney?

    Any help will be appreciated.


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  • Hibernate
    07-27 08:46 PM
    Hi. I realized that I made a mistake when filling out the I 485 Part Three:
    Processing Information. Specifically, I filled in the I-94 number issued for my H1B as the "Nonimmigration Visa Number", instead of the visa number I got when I was still in F1 Student status.

    I called USCIS twice and they informed me that I can make corrections after I get the receipt--I can send in a corrected form, along with a letter explaining the correction, and also a copy of the receipt.

    I was wondering whether anyone here had done that before.

    I am kicking myself for misunderstanding the form! Please help!


    I am in same boat - do you mean we can do ourselves or lawyer has to do it?

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  • amitga
    06-10 03:25 PM
    How long does FQIA on my I-485 application will take ?
    Please let me know.

    I created similar thread before, just lost in time.

    Contributed $200 towards Advocacy.

    It just cost 44 cents to file a FOIA. Just file it and think later how much time it will take.

    Blog Feeds
    02-23 12:40 PM
    Ah, the magical E-Verify solution. If we just required it for everything from getting a job to applying for any kind of government benefit and now qualifying for a mortgage, all would be right with America. In the mean time, innocent Americans are still getting caught in non-confirmation hell. For example, I'm trying to help a good friend who is a fourth generation American who inexplicably has been bounced in E-Verify. She has taken multiple trips to the Social Security Administration office and spent hours on the phone over the last several weeks trying to fix this glitch and yesterday...

    More... (

    05-24 12:14 PM
    Can anyone tell me what is ADIT processing?

    I wish nobody answers your question even if they knew. How does your question relate to your thread heading?? It is really bad when people start posting catching headings and then post something that is not at all connected.

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