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  • ramaonline
    12-08 11:04 PM
    H1B requires a minimum of bachelor's degree which is 16 years of education. Also, 3 years of work experience is considered equivalent to 1 year of college education.

    You can qualify for H1B if you have some experience in addition to the 3 year degree

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  • gc2
    01-11 02:02 PM
    you dont have to withdraw 485 for dependents as it will automatically expire. In some rare cases USCIS may allow applicants who have stayed out of US beyond AP expiry date to reinstate AOS application but that is at the discretion of the officer. it could be humanitarian grounds.

    if you can get 2 yr multiple entry AP, that could probably reduce your renewal frequency.

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  • gchopes
    12-15 09:08 AM
    Does this suggest that - All folks who entered on advance parole (and got 1 yr stamp on their I-94) but stayed beyond that duration because of a valid H1B / EAD are out of status?

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  • anandrajesh
    02-08 10:02 AM
    Dear IV members,

    We have a very big media opportunity to have our voices heard. A high profile reporter is writing a story with a slighly different angle by covering the immigration plight of our muslim members.

    IV does not ask or maintain data on religion/faith/ethinicity of our members and we do not differentiate members based on such criterias.

    However it is a need of this reporter and we wish to help in getting this story out in a major newspaper with immigration issues we are fighting for.

    If you have a compelling story and you are a muslim IV member, please contact me or Salil ( from IV core ASAP with your contact and a brief detail about your plight.

    Pappu, In one of the midwest calls i attended there was a member from Pakistan who had a Sorry story to tell. I dont remember his name. Get in touch with PASKAL who leads the efforts from Midwest(Minnesota). He should be able to point you to the right person.


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  • Maverick_2008
    04-14 03:32 PM
    Friends, here are my details:

    EB3, India
    PD: Feb 03
    140/485 applied concurrently on July 23, 07 at TSC
    140/485 Notice Date (from TSC): Sept 17, 07

    Now, initially TSC had a processing time of 6 months for 140. They then changed it to a specific date later on. As of March 15, 08, it's about Aug 15, 07. Following the last few months' trend, my observation is that I might hear about my 140 sometime this month. However, it's just a guess - it might take longer.

    When I call the USCIS (or even my attorney), I'm usually told that the dates on the site are just an estimate and even if my case is outside of the processing time according to their own web site, I can't speak with an immigration officer or do anything more about it. Is it true? I mean, say if I don't hear about my 140 this month at all and if the TSC processing time for 140 marches ahead well beyond Sept 17, 07 (my notice date), I can't even speak with an immigration officer?

    Thank you.


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  • drirshad
    10-26 06:17 PM
    My case went directly to CSC for H1 extension and is pending since July 10 any idea others have same problem.


    Current Status: Your I129 PETITION FOR A NON IMMIGRANT WORKER was received on July 10, 2006. We will mail you a decision as soon as processing is complete. You can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. Follow the the link below for current processing dates.


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  • bindas74
    01-25 11:35 AM
    Anyone please share ur opinion.


    Any opinions please?


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  • samuel5028
    04-18 02:50 AM
    If you feel, your CV is strong then no need to worry. Maybe you can ask attroney about how they charge money.


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  • javadeveloper
    07-24 10:41 AM
    Hi ,

    I was working for company A and got my labor and I-140 approved and then i changed to company B. My priority date is jan 2005. Is there any way that i can continue my green card process with company A. WOuld be of great help if somone can tell me if there is any way to do it.

    company A can continue your GC process while you working for company B,Talk to company A about this.I guess company A asks you to join their company , for that you need to apply H1 transfer from B to A.It's not a big problem talk to company A first.Good Luck

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  • pcs
    01-25 09:38 PM
    Dear IV Friend & Your better half,

    IV does not support any abusive & insulting behaviour towards anyone incuding our worst adversary Lou Dobbs.

    Please remember, we do have some members from antiimmigrant groups like numberUSA, who have created similar siyuations in the past.

    Financial contribution is no doubt VITAL for our cause but we will never, I repeat never encourage any IV member to spoil their financial security to contribute towards IV. Please do not feel bad if you can not contribute ( we only feel let down by the people, who can contribute but do not do so)

    I would request both of you to spread good word about IV & get us some active members & that will be great.

    We are trying to POWER OF NUMBERS !!!!!!!!!!!

    So cheer up & get active

    Best wishes


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  • desitechie
    06-03 06:17 PM
    My current AP expires on 2 Aug 2009. I applied for renewal on 2 May and it was approved on the 20th. But the validity is only till 19 may 2010 and not 2 aug 2010.

    I have lost almost 3 months here. Is it normal or a special case that i need to call USCIS?

    Please advise.


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  • BharatPremi
    03-27 03:17 PM
    Your individual capacity to stand against frustration, worry and adaptability to strange and sudden events and conditions.:)


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  • raysaikat
    04-27 09:08 PM
    Hi All,
    I have filed an extension for my parents B2 Visa. I have got extension approval but only got I-94 for father and did not find I-94 for mother. I did attach Supplement-I with my mother's details.

    I just happen to look at my application, I-539. I found that I checked the following:
    Members of my family are filing this application with me.
    The total number of people (including me) in the application is: 1

    Is it customary that I only receive I-94 for the principal applicant (in my case) and don't have to worry about?

    If not, please share your thoughts. Do I need to file seperate application for my mother at this point?

    Thank you all,


    Each person needs to have his/her own I-94. It is an 1-1 mapping between I-94 and passport.

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  • immi2006
    07-01 08:14 AM

    I want to know how this can be possible. A few folks who work with me claim that some folks whom they know well have got GC in Feb 2007, even though there PD is June 2005.

    They are all from India. I am sitting here with Aug 2001 PD, just cleard from BEC and waiting to file 140 and 485.

    Do you think there is any truth to the previous statements of my friend ?


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  • sagittarian
    05-08 04:07 PM

    I will get my H1B this October. How long should I stick with the same company before transferring? I read somewhere that I should stick with them for atleast 3 months after Oct 1st. Is this true?

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  • sankar_203
    02-09 07:43 PM
    NC will issue based on H1-B expiry date..if you provide ur AP and EAD, they'll issue only a year or two..hope it helps..


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  • drak70
    04-14 11:12 AM
    Thats because ASC are technically contractors to USCIS

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  • uma001
    07-29 02:42 PM
    hello, I am in a F1 status for about 3 years, I have been working and filing taxes. I am going to get married to a USC and apply for a green card through it. I want to know if I can have any problem in the aplication since I've been working without authorization. Second in concern to the affidavit support how much should I show and who has to fill these forms since my future wife is unemployed. Third in case my wife file for bankruptcy in the future that could affect me and if it does how can avoid this. By the way I live in florida.

    I hope somebody can help me.

    How can you work without authorization and filed taxes????

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  • archpai
    12-07 10:24 PM
    I took my 2.5 year old to the FP.
    The security officer did not ask anything about him.I was allowed to go with my son.There was no problem.

    01-03 11:29 PM
    I have a curious situation. I have filed EB3-485 as a secondary applicant to my wife. I am currently in a job where I can't file a green card ( this is my 5th year of H1b). My understanding is one can't have a seventh year extension for H1b unless his I-140 is approved.

    Should I consider changing the job and filing another GC by myself. I know I can continue renewing EAD but I still want to keep my H1b


    01-17 11:04 PM
    I have received 485 receipts and PD is field is empty. My I-140 which was already approved has the priority date specified in it.

    Anyone has this column filled?

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