Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • jordanwillium
    02-17 02:31 AM
    I received a duplicate order from Hewlett-Packard. Per the customer service person I was instructed to remove the shipping label and write the return number on the box, then call Fed Ex for a pickup, all of which I did. Now, a few weeks later my credit card account has not been credited. I've called the customer service people several times, and received a transmitting tracking number for the return. I've called Fed Ex who say what I have is not adequate to track the item supposedly sitting at their warehouse. I've spoken to the supervisor at HP, and she, like everyone else, keeps referring my problem to the "return specialist", who is supposed to query Fed Ex about this, but nothing happens. Their excuse is that they don't have the actual tracking number to do this. One HP rep I spoke to told me that the return item had not been scanned since the initiation of the return, implying negligence. Yeah somebody dropped the ball. Where do I go next to get some action taken?

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  • ckumar
    09-12 03:24 PM

    My wife is on H4 and willing to apply for H1-B. Her educational qualifications

    1.)High school education(12 yrs)
    2.)BCA(Bachelor of Computer Applications)- 3 yrs
    3.)2.5 yrs of IT experience
    4.)She's also doing her M.Sc(Master of Science) in Information Technology. Currently in 2nd year and will be completing by end of 2006. (She may not have the degree certificate by April 2007).

    Is she eligible to apply for H1-B for next year 2007


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  • ssdtm
    02-28 11:37 PM
    You DO NEED an LCA with a new job location.
    It is a fast online process. I seriously recommend that you do it.

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-29 02:51 PM
    hello, I am in a F1 status for about 3 years, I have been working and filing taxes. I am going to get married to a USC and apply for a green card through it. I want to know if I can have any problem in the aplication since I've been working without authorization.

    Once you entered legally you should be able to get permanent residence even if you worked without authorization. Please see this blog post: Law Office of Elaine Martin - immigration news: My spouse is "illegal" - what can we do? (

    Second in concern to the affidavit support how much should I show and who has to fill these forms since my future wife is unemployed.

    Another common querstion so I blogged about this also: Law Office of Elaine Martin - immigration news: affidavit of support (

    Third in case my wife file for bankruptcy in the future that could affect me and if it does how can avoid this. By the way I live in florida.

    This is not an immigration question. You should check with a family or bankruptcy lawyer in Florida.


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  • eb3_nepa
    06-14 02:22 PM
    Hi Guys

    I have a few questions about what happens AFTER the I-485 is successfully filed?

    How long before you get the notice to appear for finger printing?
    How much time between getting the notice for Finger printing and the actual appointment?
    When does the EAD come through and is there a way to expedite the EAD process?
    When does the process go to the "name check" black hole and you informed about it?

    Any other info by the experienced gurus will be appreciated

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  • baburob2
    04-29 01:05 PM
    Regd conversion to PERM ie refile in PERM and retain the PD your title, minimum job requirements, employer's name, employer's address etc should remain the same except the prevailing wage.
    Some of the factors to consider before refiling:
    1)Length of time the traditional or RIR Labor certification application has been pending: If you feel that traditional or RIR will be certified soon don't refile in PERM else do it.
    2)Alien requiring a seventh-year extension:
    It is uncertain at this time whethre USCIS will permit the alien to withdraw the labor certification and retain the PD date for the purpose of replying on the provision under AC21 to obtain a seventh-year extension. Until USCIS pronounces a clear policy in this area, one should proceed with extreme caution before refiling under the PERM regulatoins.
    3)Economic factor like Layoffs in the industry, Recent layoffs by employer, increased costs for the employer
    If the above economic factors seem to cause any issues dont refile.

    This is from a OLD PERM manual i believe so please check with your attorney on recent ones and proceed ahead. However i do see a lot of people doing it successfully.


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  • go_guy123
    01-17 12:53 PM

    Record $14 trillion-plus debt weighs on Congress

    Record $14 trillion-plus debt weighs on Congress - Yahoo! News (

    Taught of debating if it is worth to live here more ??

    Basically I came here to earn some money and to have some good life ( cleaning my bathroom myself -- lol )

    The way things are going here in US with Jobs / Economy overall thinking if it is worth to live here and worth to get a US Passport or to keep renewing GC.

    I know it all depends on each indivisual perspective and views.. but taught of looking other views on this.

    Thanks and Regards -- Green_Always :-)

    They will print money....and 'hose" the "dollar" savings of Japan, China etc....

    The question should be when is China going to figure out an alternative business model other than depressing currency and exporting to US.

    Till that time US can print as much as they want and stick it to the a**es of people who buy us treasuries.

    China has nowhere else to go !!!!!

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  • Lukus
    04-08 05:22 PM
    dont forget Heavenly Ectheo ;)

    and Kirupa, we're not using the stamps for anything profitable, I can't see how the bands would be offended at all :) No different to making my Avatar a Tool logo :)

    And, shouldn't that apply to the Apple stamps too? :)


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  • sukisharma
    08-27 08:03 PM
    Dear Friends,

    Does anybody has information on the current lag between check cashing and getting receipt in the mail?

    My check for 485 was cashed on August 20 (process by my bank) and the online case status says receipt was mailed out. But my lawyer has not received it as of today.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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  • miguy
    08-27 02:00 PM
    any other ideas folks???


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  • 24fps
    02-26 10:06 PM
    Revert back to my previous post, don't know why you're double posting a thread.

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  • chanduv23
    09-17 01:58 PM
    way to go chandu.! We all will be there tomorrow.!

    great - see you there

    Everyone to DC


    Everyone to DC


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  • arunoman
    09-06 05:05 PM
    Am in a strange situation

    I filed I-140 and I-485 together in Aug 2007. I got I-140 receipt waiting for I-485 receipt.

    I-140 - Status - Pending

    Can I work in UK or Canada for some time?

    Kindly advice.

    Thanks in Advance

    Hi Guru's Kindly Respond. If I do this will there be any impact on my 485 Petition process?

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  • dummgelauft
    03-25 09:49 AM
    ..Wadhwa,...Dalmia...all desi names. Well, Anderson Cooper is american. But what I mean is that the authors of such articles and studies are almost always Indian origin people.
    While it serves well to have such studies out there, we need more white american people supporting this cause. And I stress WHITE amerrican.
    Even though America was built on the backs of immigrants, all but a very few of them were white anglo-saxon people from western europe.


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  • fullerene
    12-17 05:21 PM
    core members:

    I was wondering if you may post minutes of immigration symposiums held at Priceton and Boston?

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  • rkm
    07-20 10:48 PM
    Let us poll here only for Texas Service Center 02-July filers and find stats to estimate the timeline


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  • xiaopay
    07-23 09:51 PM
    Do I read right about this?

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  • nousername
    01-29 08:52 PM
    Would you mind not creating multiple threads for the same issue? You started a thread at 3:03PM.. Here is the link


    I came to us on H4 in 2007 and the got my H1B in 2008. I am not getting a job on H1 yet so i want to know that till when the H1B be valid as I am not genarating any salery and my consultant is not running my pay roll ?

    And if the H1 goes dorment then what can be done next?

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  • WaitingYaar
    01-08 10:23 PM
    Pending I-485 application online status changed to a new status "- This case has been sent for a standard interview. What does this means? Any knowledge from the gurus!

    07-17 04:55 PM
    As you have well passed the LC stage, it is very difficult to retain your old PD. Even if DOL send a new LC with old PD, it will be an uphill task to convey this to USCIS your to ammend your already approved 140 with new PD. This new PD information has to be carried over to both I-140 and 485. If you get a new letter/LC from DOL inform the USCIS (both 140 and 485) thro all means, like send a certified mail, inform over phone and take a infopass to correct the PD. Then keep your finger crossed.

    04-23 11:56 AM
    I think they carry only their own documents + hdfc receipt etc stuff in original.
    All other documents (that are not issued to them) are a copy e.g. your I797 notice, copy of your passport, visa etc.
    Your Birth certificate is one such document hence copy should be fine. And also your passport also has a name of each parent.

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