Friday, June 3, 2011

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  • spicyapple
    Nov 29, 12:43 PM
    I recently pirated a movie because I couldn't find it at the local rental place. I can't wait for online movie sales.
    The staggered global release of movies is just asinine in the digital age. I'll agree that the movie studios almost force legitimate consumers to pirate movies because there is no other way to legally obtain the content.

    luv ya bunches! x0x0x0x

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  • GoKyu
    Mar 31, 05:28 PM
    Considering what kind of device the iPad is, Photoshop already exists on the iPad - it's called Photogene :)

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  • jubjub
    Nov 20, 01:42 PM
    My Siemens MC60 is getting pretty old. I really hope they release it before February 9th (my birthday:D ).

    Best birthday ever! :)

    I'd replace my t610 in 3 seconds flat.

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  • Luph67
    Mar 23, 10:50 AM
    Is he the reason OS X has such bad opengl support?


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  • mBox
    Nov 14, 08:59 AM
    ..Why would they use macs for AMC though?Ive never worked with MC on anything other than Mac.

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  • illustratorDavi
    Aug 3, 05:54 AM

    I'm continuing to look around for a good host.

    Can anyone recommend ?

    Any opinion or other suggestions - welcome

    David :)


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  • AppleNewton
    Dec 4, 04:27 PM
    None of these are Holiday related.

    there are quite a few that are, really no requirement for holiday specific themes though...

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  • Rocketman
    Nov 19, 05:16 PM
    As a publicity stunt, it is working. Let's say they bought them in bulk from Best Buy or Wal-Mart. They have a couple dozen locations each at 300 units per store all discounted $100. That's a $720,000 total marketing expense for all the publicity you can mooch off Apple. On black friday.



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  • superericla
    Apr 14, 11:27 PM
    I've played Portal with no issues. I have yet to try any newer games since the update though.

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  • Hanuman.c
    Feb 2, 03:01 AM
    For this id use the 3rd party plug-in Melodyne, but that cost over $500.
    There could be cheaper plug-ins, search for autotune or something.

    Or i suppose you could copy the notes you need to change to a separate track and change the pitch of the track... now thats thinking outside the box ey..


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  • crackbookpro
    Apr 13, 11:45 AM
    Trying to tell y'all... the Verizon iPhone released in February may truly have switched up the game.

    Apple & Verizon came together, and will make LTE work within the iPhone sooner than later, and AT&T is playing catch-up within their entire layout of LTE.

    If there is indeed a wait on the iPhone 5(no June/July release), I'd expect it coming with LTE in the 1st quarter of 2012, or possibly this fall. Apple is making COIN on the iPhone 4, and the next big thing is - LTE(4G).

    Apple is playing this smart as usual... Or this all could be a rumor, and the iPhone 5 will be here in a couple months for a 'normal' launch update, and the iPhone 6 will be the first to introduce LTE in 2012.

    I really don't know... but I do think Apple is playing the Ace of Spades, and may hold on for a new release of the iPhone 4(especially in Verizon's case - Feb '11) before the market, and more emphatically, Verizon's market adoption is seen & heard... Think about it... Apple releases the Verizon iPhone in February, then 4 months later releases a new iPhone - there is some bad business going on there.

    Apple is playing the cards right... just not for the consumer. :cool:

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  • Rot'nApple
    May 1, 08:55 AM

    Of all the people to worry about the "me" factor. :p

    Not to mention location. Wasn't it the 'UK' that had a guy write plays, where one had this line in it...

    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose
    By any other name would smell as sweet."
    Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2) ( :rolleyes:


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  • R94N
    Aug 31, 05:25 AM
    Pretty awful thing to do - it's like when people leave their dogs in the car on a hot day - even with the windows rolled down they can still die from the heat sadly. Luckily from the looks of it here the baby wasn't left that long to cause that much harm, but it could've been worse. That guy deserves to be arrested imo.

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  • ConceptVBS
    Apr 29, 10:05 PM
    So Samsung believed Apple was violating it's patents all this time but decided to do nothing about it. Now that they have been pushed they decide to act. Sounds to me they are trying to find whatever they can to bite back at Apple.

    When a customer walks into your store with $2000 to purchase your goods, are you going to call the cops when he walks into your store naked?

    No. Your just going to suck it up and let the man pay you the $2000 and let him leave.


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  • jrko
    Apr 4, 11:19 AM
    Thanks for the replies guys.

    Unfortunately it panics even without the cards - turn on bong, them white screen with apple logo then grey screen with power symbol saying you need to restart your computer and over the top of it all some script about the 'unresolved kernal trap(cpu0)

    Would it help if I posted the script or anything from it?

    btw the ticking seems to be coming from the back of the power supply near the inlet. Non of the fans are twitching etc

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  • RaZaK
    Apr 28, 07:14 AM
    I'm sure many CDMA loyalists want to wait for the newest iPhone to launch rather than get locked in to last year's model.

    the iPhone 5, or 4s or whatever it will be called, should see more sales from the CDMA folks


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  • MacRumors
    Apr 4, 10:34 AM (

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  • JFerrari
    Apr 13, 10:33 AM
    The iPhone 4 is a perfectly fine device. In many ways its still ahead of the competition. Take the outstanding battery life, awesome software integration and the beautiful Retina display- to me those are three big features no other competitor has matched.

    Apple could do nothing for the next year and still have a phone that can be compared favorably with every phone on the market. Manufacturers are trying to compete with the iPhone by producing larger screens and misc. features not many will use- i.e. mini hdmi ports on phones, etc. They lose focus of the overall user experience- Apple has this down pat.

    Apple is essentially a failure of its own success.

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  • buyusfear
    Feb 1, 05:56 PM
    I was just wondering if you were going to post new snaps of your strings. Thx! :)

    THanks, glad you like

    Apr 22, 11:07 AM
    Swing and a miss on all counts.

    It's all iOS. Unless you're saying that xp home and xp professional and win 7 home and win 7 professional should all be counted separately.

    Name one application that will run on a pro version and not the home, or vice versa.

    And let's not even get into the absolute mess that your arbitrary definition would turn android into.

    You dont understand how OS version works? The newest version runs ALL software for the OS. Android 2.3 does exactly that. Of course an app written for 2.3 wont run on 1.6. Thats just common sense.

    Mar 27, 02:14 PM
    I wouldn't buy anything from anybody with that low of a feedback rating in the first place. Hope he is banned and the buyer isn't dumb enough to pay for it.

    Mar 27, 03:33 PM
    Not sure if this has been asked or mentioned, so how would a region section be.
    capital area

    Aug 2, 02:54 AM

    Click for larger.

    Speedy Dingo
    Jun 4, 06:14 AM
    Hello all. I'm new on the forums but have been reading Mac Rumors for a while now.
    I've decided to enter the avatar competition so here's my entry which is designed to look like a Mac Rumors iphone app icon. It uses the classic Apple logo but I also have one with the Mac Rumors logo if anyone wants to see that. ;)

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