Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • Congratulations to Tia Mowry

  • chandrajp
    07-20 02:18 PM
    Can I take up a managerial position even though I am an analyst on the LC/I-140 etc.....??????????
    You cannot take a completely different responsibility job. I used AC21. The job has to have same responsiblities and designation can change. Salary can be little higher. I got 485 approved based on this AC21

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  • Tia Mowry loves being pregnant

  • coopheal
    05-21 10:27 AM

    I posted this thread with my assumptions using the May 2010 demand data and Pending 485 report 09/09

    Source:- EB3 Movement Tracking - Immigration Wiki (

    Any thoughts in this gurus !

    See the spreadsheet for details


    You analysis is inaccurate and misguided.

    Look at the top table which shows data released by DOS. Last month 75 application have been reduced and in month back 100 applications were reduced.

    This is really really bad sign for EB3 and even for EB2.

    pics of tia mowry husband. Tia Mowry Husband
  • Tia Mowry Husband

  • kirupa
    05-06 06:14 PM
    I liked your first and third one more, but since others liked your second also, I'll add up all three ;)

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  • Actress Tia Mowry and Husband

  • english_august
    09-18 01:26 PM
    At the IV rally blog

    Please spread the word - send that link out to your friends so that they realize the efforts and success of IV.


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  • tamera mowry husband. tia and

  • WFGC2006
    10-31 09:52 PM
    PD isn't current, but just check i-485 online status, showing "Document production or Oath Ceremony" (i.e., the last cycle).

    There was indeed a soft LUD in June this year. After that nothing much else. Is there sth good coming along my way?

    Appreciate if anyone here can share his/her thoughts/comments.

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  • “The Game” star Tia Mowry

  • kirupa
    06-10 06:30 PM
    Sorry for the delay unchew. Added all 4 of your stamps up :)


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  • ajaykk
    02-21 01:36 PM
    Just a quick update, the company B confirmed that they are going to provide me EVL mentioning me as FT. I gave them the below format which I got from the forum and they are ok with it. Now my question is do I need to invoke AC21 when I join company B, will there be any issues to my wife who is on EAD with my original petitioner A?

    Employment Verification Letter
    From: Date: 03/08/2011
    Sr Manager,
    Company Name.
    Atlanta, GA

    The Director,
    U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services,

    Re: Employment Verification of Mr.ABC
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This letter is to certify that Mr.ABC has joined <Company name>. on 7th March 2011 as a Senior Software Developer) with an annual salary of $XXX.
    Although, his employment is at-will, he will be working as a permanent full-time employee.
    His duties at <Company name> include:
    � <Duties>
    We expect to continue to utilize his skills in this position after approval of his form I-485 and subsequently, his approval of Permanent Resident Card (Green Card).

    If you have any questions you are welcome to contact me.

    Truly Yours,
    XXX, Sr. Manager,

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  • tia mowry husband. natrajs

  • salvador marley
    04-25 12:48 PM
    thanks guys


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  • Tia Mowry and husband Cory

  • GCDeramzz
    06-20 09:18 AM
    I am also in the same boat as you and my attorney has sent my Labor ETA 750 to DOL for changing the box 15. It is good to change it now at Labor stage as there is quite lot rejection at I140 stage if your degree is 3 it is better to have it ammended at Labor stage.

    I would say all those who are waiting on Labor with 3 Years degree should make sure that your Labor states that it a "combination" else you will be trouble.

    - GCDreamzz
    My two cents.

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  • tia mowry pregnant photos.

  • Devils_Advocate
    04-09 06:30 PM
    White House spokesman Robert Gibbs in the briefing just reiterated Shapiro's laments: �That story could have been written a year ago based off of what he's said on the campaign trail� I don't think [Obama] thinks it could be done this year.�


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  • We loved Tia Mowry in the

  • pa_arora
    01-23 04:42 PM
    I work with a consulting company on client side. The client is planning a shutdown for 2 days a month - 2nd and 4th friday.

    Do you guys think its gonna imapct 485 application. I am asking this question cause the labor was approved for 40/hrs per week and the salary slip shows the number of hrs worked per month which will be lesser than 160 (incase the month has 4 weeks).

    BTW, I am on EAD and 140 approved couple of years back.


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  • Blog Feeds
    05-25 08:30 AM
    Two little-known types of immigrant visas are the T and the U visas. The T visa is for people innocently involved in human trafficking, and the U visa is for victims of crime. The U visa's basic purpose is to make it easier for police to prosecute those who commit violence.

    Both types of visas were discussed in a recent Dallas Morning News ( article. Here are excerpts from the article, beginning with a discussion of the U visa:

    The visas began flowing only 18 months ago and the majority have gone to domestic violence victims, say officials from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

    Under the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act, up to 10,000 such visas are authorized annually. Illegal immigrants may receive such visas if they've suffered "substantial" physical or mental abuse from criminal activity and, among other things, a law enforcement agency certifies they have information on criminal activity. The visa can lead to permanent legal residency status.

    The issuing of U visas comes at a tense time in the national immigration debate, amid a polarizing crackdown and potentially broader policing powers against immigrants in Arizona. And it illuminates a prickly point of justice: Should the federal government give illegal immigrants special treatment for a societal good such as fighting violent crime?

    The Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act created both the U visa and the T visa. They're near the end of a complex network of visas, A through V.

    T visas, for those involved in human trafficking, began flowing in 2002, but the flow of U visas was delayed as regulations on issuance were hammered out. In the last three full fiscal years, only about 250 to 300 T visas have been approved of the maximum annual allotment of 5,000.

    In the last fiscal year, ending in September 2009, the federal government authorized 5,825 U visas. In the first five months of this fiscal year, nearly 5,000 such visas were given. There are about 6,600 visa applications pending, and the 10,000 allotment is expected to be reached as early as next month, said Maria Elena Garcia Upson, a spokeswoman for the immigration agency.

    More... (


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  • tonyHK12
    03-21 01:45 PM
    Hi Friends

    After clicking on donate link.. I found that,, minimum contribution through paypal/credit/debit card is 100$..
    Can I donate 50$ as one time contribution by writing check on IV name and post it through USPS?

    Please do not scold me for deciding to donate this much small amount.. My budget supports this much only at this moment.


    Thanks you. The minimum donation online is $50. Yo have to scroll down for one time contributions, below to the 6th or 7th one in the dropdown.

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  • Lasantha
    04-02 04:04 PM
    Yes, my paper receipt shows June 29th as date of receipt. But the online status shows a later date which I believe is the date it was transfered from NSC to TSC. So I guess it is normal.

    The online status shows a different date than the receipt date my lawyer is telling me. I am july filer......the lawyer telling me july date and online shows sept date.......
    Is this normal?
    Thank You


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  • tia mowry husband.

  • sab
    11-01 06:25 PM
    I have filed for I-485. I am also extending my H1B. I have an approved I-140. Can I extend for 3 years? Or is it just 1 year assuming my 6 years are completed.

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  • hot Tia Mowry Husband: Tia

  • NNReddy
    06-13 11:12 AM
    I am curious of the average networth of H1Bs excluding their parent's money. The money they just made so far. Not sure how to start a new thread. I read somewhere online there are lot of H1Bs who are working for 10 years are almost millionaires. Can they use their accumulated wealth to do an investment based green card.


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  • Munna Bhai
    01-30 12:35 PM
    Munna Bhai:

    When you say "You need your employer's approval, without them you cannot change the attorney" Do you mean that they have to sign the new G28 forms ? Can you clarify ?


    That will taken care in-between both the lawyers, but it is your employer who should be ready to accept this. I have one of my colleague who just requested employer and he hired new attorney and got all his papers moved.

    So bottom line, employer should agree.

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  • tamera mowry husband.

  • arc
    02-09 08:46 PM
    Call or Visit your nearest Indian Embassy they should have information on their web site, they usualy take a week and charge 40$.

    I did it 1 year back I remember the procedure was real straight forward in San Fancisco.

    good luck,

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  • tamera mowry husband. Tia

  • arnet
    11-21 07:31 PM
    check this:

    also there should be other post, search the forum.

    good luck.

    07-08 03:07 PM
    I'm trying to schedule an appointment for non-immigrant visa in August/September timeframe from last one week without any success. After filling the forms, and continuing further for checking the available dates, I get a message saying : " Interview appointments not currently available, please check back in 24 hours. "

    I would really appreciate if you can educate me of what I might be doing wrong.



    07-14 06:28 PM
    bumping again :(

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