Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • rpatel
    09-18 09:40 AM
    The story goes some thing like this....

    My labor was approved by Dallas BEC on 21st June'06 and my employer received a letter to that effect by end of June.
    By July 25th my lawyer had everything else in place to file the I-140 but was yet to receive the stamped ETA forms from she concluded the approval was lost in mail. She sent the I-140 petition to nebraska on July 26th with a copy of the approval letter that my employer received along with a letter telling the orginal approval was lost in mail. The lawyer did finally receive the original approval in the first week of August (May be the postman took a scenic route :) ). The I-140 petition was forwarded to Texas under bi-specailization. I received an automated email from USCIS case notification that an RFE was issued on sept 1 but neither the lawyer nor my employer had received any RFE letter up until last Friday (sept 15) so I pressed her to find out more. She called the Texas service center and they told her 'The RFE was not for the employer' It was for the DOL...They sent a request to USCIS for a copy of labor approval and were waiting to hear back...

    Now my questions:

    1. I know you will say why not ask the lawyer to sent the approval she received in mail to USCIS and resolve the issue. I thought the same but lawyer thinks it will create additional confusion and advises we wait 4 more weeks to see if they decide on the case...if not..only then send the approved ETA forms. Do you think its a wise idea ?

    2. Has any one else here gone through similar situation or know some one who did ? How long does it take for USCIS to receive a copy of labor from DOL ? Since Dallas is all electronic now..shouldn't it be as simple as forwarding a screen shot of ETA to the USCIS requesting officer ?

    Since EB2 dates for India a retrogrogressed badly I am not in any particular hurry but it would be great if I can atleast get this 140 monkey off my back..Thankyou

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  • desi3933
    02-24 10:58 AM
    Currently my wife is on H4

    I'm planning to file H1 for my wife ....

    How can you file H-1B for your spouse? Please explain.

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  • Butters
    04-09 07:56 AM
    Those are sweet :)

    The ad one is quality.

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  • meridiani.planum
    05-05 02:08 AM
    I know that an H1B may be extended beyond the 6 year limit as long as the there has been at least a Labor Cert pending for the past 365 days. So basically, as long as you have a LC pending, the H1B is increased in yearly increments until the GC is approved or denied.

    1) Once I-140 is approved, do they automatically extend the H1B (the next time it is due for an extension) by three years?

    yes, if your PD is not current and you request 3 years (on the H1 LCA) when you file the extension. Otherwise its a 1 year extension

    2) Once you're in that "extension zone" (i.e. past your 6 year limit because of a pending GC application) of your H1B can you still switch jobs? (obviously your new company would have to file a new Labor cert once again for you)?

    The USCIS does allow you to get an H1 transfer to a new employer based on the I-140, or LC from some other employer. So if you request a transfer it will go through provided the conditions fo rextension (old LC or approved I-140) exist on the day they adjudicate your case.
    The gray area here is what happens to the H1 if the underlying LC or I-140 is then revoked by the old employer. The current USCIS position is that the H1 remains valid (they have not come back and revoked anybody's H1 extension because the underlying LC is gone). However neither the law nor USCIS regulations are clear in this matter.


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  • nonlimit
    02-10 07:20 PM

    I would have some questions concerning my case (didn't really find anything related).

    - Up until December I was in the States under a F-1 visa.
    - During December my H-1B was approved for my job which starts in February.
    - I left the States at the end of December and reentered in February 2010 under the H-1B.
    - I will start work in February and applied for a Social Security Number yesterday.

    Now I'm not sure how to file taxes for 2009.

    Due to the sign-up Bonus which I got for my new job I received a W-2 form which has 2009 written on it. 25% of my Bonus was withheld. Since I was a student in 2009 I'm not sure whether that is too much or the normal amount. Any ideas?

    Are there any special forms I have to fill out due to this Bonus? Moreover: Is the Software I use for making my taxes independent of my Visa status? Do I have to indicate somehow that I was an F-1 last year and am now an H-1B. I mean I didn't even have a SSN last year.

    I'm really lost here :(. Any help is appreciated.


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  • thementor
    04-14 11:09 AM
    Dear Friends,

    First of all, I'm really thankful to to create such a lovely community.

    My question and your advice

    I'm currently working in Company A, My first 3 years visa is going to get expire on SEP-2009.
    My current company has some issues, so If I apply my extension through my company I won't get my extension for sure.

    So I contacted Company B , and applied for my H1 Transfer, they filed my H1 Transfer on 04/10/2009 through normal processing. I would like to know whether I need to switch from Normal processing to Premium Processing. If yes, then what's the procedure. I really appreciate all your time and efforts in answering my questions.

    Thanks :)


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  • ash0210
    03-28 02:34 PM
    Also, if at all we are supposed to call, at what time? CST/EST?

    Core Team please advice.

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  • tnite
    10-16 01:31 PM

    I just want to know as to will the Green Card process happen faster if the State of GA were to sponsor it?

    Request you to reply soon.

    I dont know of anything specific.But if it's a job designation of utmost importance at the state level then it might help in name check(I am not sure) but otherwise I dont think it makes any difference.

    Just my 2 cents


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  • s416504
    03-31 09:56 AM
    Will be hard to give correct answer because we don't know what was his status since H1B approval & now (more than year period). If he went went out of country & returned to USA during this period, He is fine with his L1 Status.

    As far his H1B approval has valid period, he should be OK to work with H1B sponcer employer as far as he maintained valid status. He might need to go out & get H1B visa stamping before he starts works.

    But one thing is sure, He won't be part of H1B Quota limit for his next H1B.


    Need some urgent help here..

    One of my friend is working for X employer on L1 Visa since 2007. He applied for H1B visa through Y company in 2008 quota, luckily he got it but never joined the company. Now his L1 visa is about to expire.

    Question is

    What will happen to his H1B visa after L1 visa renewal ?

    Thanks in advance

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  • SlowRoasted
    04-24 10:33 PM
    nice, i like the green one best


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  • gcnirvana
    05-03 05:46 PM
    I am a little confused. I just got my H1B extension done recently and my attorney sent me a letter saying that if I go out of the country for stamping I need to make sure my Passport is valid beyond the H1B period.

    My passport expires in May 2008 and my current H1 is valid till July 2010. Does anyone see any issues in going for stamping in India in July 2007 with my current passport and later on some time next year applying for a new Indian passport.

    Appreciate your help

    Your passport should be valid atleast 6 months from the date of stamping. So I think you should be okay. Also, its better to apply for a new passport 6 months before your old one expires. And once you get your new passport you'll have to carry both your new and the old ones as your old one will have the stamping till July 2010. Hope this helps!

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  • GCNeophyte
    07-02 08:53 AM
    I heard USCIS already retrogressed and rejecting Jul filer? is it true. need urgent help :mad: :mad:


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  • milmuk
    08-24 09:25 PM
    This is a contract position to work in canada.This is normally through couple of vendors.

    My employer is a small consulting company,which don't have own projects.So they pay only when I get project with other consultancies companies and bill through them.

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  • Steve Mitchell
    April 23rd, 2004, 10:59 PM
    Adorama has it listed. They don't say whether or not it's in stock.
    I recently made the move to digital by purchasing a D70. I'm interested in purchasing the Nikon SC-29 cord for use with a SB-800 on a Stroboframe quick-flip frame. I like the idea of the added flexibility that the SC-29 gives over the SC-28 because of the additional autofocus lamp.

    However, after I ordered the SC-29 from (who listed this product as being in stock), they contacted me a day later to say that it was actually out of stock. Furthermore, they said that Nikon had discontinued the product, and that though they tried, they were not able to obtain one of these cables through another channel.

    Has anyone heard about Nikon canceling the SC-29? That doesn't make any sense to me. I've seen these for sale on e-bay, but that is through a Japanese reseller, and the shipping takes a couple of weeks (not to mention, it's not an authorized Nikon USA dealer).

    Any other information or input about the SC-29?

    Thanks so much!

    Jonathan Van Antwerp


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  • pointlesswait
    12-10 10:37 AM
    you should be asking those questions to an attorney.. not amateurs like us..;-)

    > If u have a court document showing that you changed ur citizenship..that could help you.(but i am sure u don't have one)

    > and since u have stated ur place of birth is India on ur passport .. i think u are pretty much screwed.

    > consequences are not very difficult to figure out... both the Indian and US govt can come after you tiny brown a@s for fraud..(to put it mildly)..;-)

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  • thakkarbhav
    02-08 09:43 AM
    Yes. Perm Resi Card is your green card. You need H1B OR EAD OR GC/Citizenship to work.

    Once you become citizen then you do not need GC. You will get US passport which is good enough for work/Travel.

    GC is like super user so you can work for any employer in the USA.

    I am surprised with your knowledge about GC but it is better to know sooner than later. Regards.


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  • baires
    09-02 08:40 PM
    Good info. Much appreaciated

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  • sukhwinderd
    11-15 04:00 PM
    has anyone thought about this :

    if DREAM act passes. children staying here illegally will be able to sponsor GC for their parents staying here illegally, after 5 years. and we will still be DREAMing about our GCs.

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  • WithoutGCAmigo
    07-12 11:46 AM
    Will they hold the application in TX Srv Center and not release it till the lawsuit is completed? Will it prevent people from re-applying if their PDs become Current in Oct? Any ideas?

    11-17 04:51 PM
    My I 94 was valid only till Feb 20 . I am worried now will it be a problem ?

    05-10 10:25 PM
    Yeah I noticed you like his little errors heh? Hahah nice concept!

    Lol, I guess so, i got bored of my other avatar, and i didnt have any other ideas. I'm glad you guys like the stamp

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