Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • gcadream
    05-02 09:06 PM
    Can somebody please throw some light on this issue.

    I have an approved H1extn till 2013 but I had moved to the new location and new project since then but I don't have a new LCA. And now when I'm planing to go to india and appear for visa stamping I don't have the new LCA for my current location.

    When I asked my lawyer, she said that I need to apply for fresh H1 extn. This doesn't make sense to me, Can I only get new LCA for my new project location ?
    Do I need to get my H1B amended with this change ?

    Please help me on this ...
    Waiting to hear back ASAP.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Libra
    08-21 08:03 PM
    please go to following link and poll

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  • fatboysam
    02-12 08:33 PM
    Thanks for replying, i have some more questions related to this

    Lets say my current employer is A and next employer is B

    1. Do employers normally revoke I140 when employee leaves ?

    2. If my first PERM and I140 was under EB3 category, then can i switch to EB2 category with the next company ?

    3. Suppose i leave A and Join B, and after 2-3 months i join another company C, in this case will C be able to port my I140 from A ?

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  • Krilnon
    12-01 09:11 PM
    What kind of awesome university do you go to that assigns Flash+Silverlight combo projects?


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  • extra_mint
    04-18 11:20 AM
    Keep monitoring the visa bulletin and when your date (Dec-2006) becomes current you can apply for your wife's 1485 (means u can add her to your application).

    If last year's trend continues then you might see your dates becoming Current during the last quater (July-Sept)...last year dates reached Aug.2006 for Eb2 India before retrogressing.

    Hey Gurus,
    I am in confusion here.
    I applied for my I-485(EB2, PD= Dec,2006) in july 2007. I was married that time and my wife was in India. She didnt get delhi consulate appointment so i missed her while i applied for my I - 485. Now she is in US on H4 visa. I got RFE last month on my I 485 regarding employment verification. I have replied for RFE.

    My Question here is:-
    If I get my green card(that chances are very less because my PD are not current... but on safe side), How i can add her into GC or 485 stage.

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  • sbmallik
    05-06 05:05 PM
    Generally an I-485 applicant can stay abroad till the Advanced Parole remains valid. In your case the best bet is to change the pending I-485 case to consular processing.


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  • md2003
    08-28 09:08 AM
    I am planning to go to Canada for H1B visa stamping. Will there be any problem if i have company on H1B. I opened in 2003 and My friend is working in that company. I am working for my employer only. Will there be any problem if i have company either in GC stage or getting Visa in Canada.


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  • raysaikat
    03-03 01:28 AM
    As far as I know employer sponsorship is not required for EB-1 EA case; not sure why you had to file I-140 for this ...........

    EB-1 EA does not need labor certification, but still needs I-140.


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  • msyedy
    01-09 02:35 PM
    Dear All,

    I saw your website & thought may be you guys can help me solving my query about H1 transfer. I am holding a H1B valid till 2009. A month back a new company had filed a H1 transfer & I started working for them. Now I have 2 paystubs from this new company & I am getting a very good offer from another company & I would like to go for this offer. So my question is on the basis of these two recent paystubs can I get my visa transferred to the 3rd company while another visa transfer is in progress?

    Yes you can as far as I remmember. You can transfer on the the reciept of the notice date of the already filed H1B.

    I always suggest, please Discuss this with a lawyer...and the lawyer is the best person to help you out.

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  • hey.camelo
    02-06 09:38 AM
    My company applied my GC is EB3. I am on H1b and has close to 15 months of my visa.
    I am currently in 5th year of My h1. I have 140 approved and I want to change my job due to my financial burdens..

    q: Can i change job after getting 3 more years of extension? I meant, Can I transfer the H1 which was applied with 140 after 6 years of stay? Is there a possibility that current employer can do any thing?

    Also, can i port the current priority date of green card and apply a new one in Eb2 future?

    q: Based on the current labor and 140 waiting time, can 15 months will be enough to change the job and apply a green card and get labor & 140 approved?

    if you faced similar situation or having information, can you pass me the same. Thanks a ton.


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  • newyorker123
    10-19 12:20 PM
    Do you know your I-485 receipt number? If yes, then request FOIA to get all the documents attached to your I-485 case number, then they will send you all the documents in your I-485 case file and I-140 document will be there in it. You might also need to enter your A# in FOIA request.

    If you dont know your I-485 receipt number then I am not sure how to send FOIA request.

    This is not legal advice and I am not a Lawyer.

    Contributed $200 towards IV advocacy.

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  • pappu
    04-05 02:37 PM


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  • Kapils573
    12-12 06:43 AM
    Hello everyone,
    My driver's license has come up for renewal in Feb 2009. I have 2 yrs EAD.I have send my H1 for renewal but it has not got yet approved..
    My employer suggessted that I use my EAD card to get my license renewed. In Ideal case I would like to use my approved H1 to renew my license. However since its taking time for my H1 renewal can I use my EAD card to get my license renewed.

    Guru's pls guide



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  • franklin
    09-25 02:52 PM
    We should not mention who we are speaking to in a public forum. This will trigger all kinds of opposition flooding to whomever you mention, which will work against us

    Join your state chapter, they will be able to help coordinate and get contacts and visits etc.


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  • HTI
    08-29 11:12 AM
    thank you all...that help a lot...!!!!:)

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  • sriramkalyan
    05-20 10:56 AM
    Go here:


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  • cooolvick
    06-19 03:18 PM
    Hi all,

    This is for my friend who got his 3 year H1- B extension recently.
    He planned to visit India for stamping and already booked the air ticket + consulate appointment.

    But the Visa validity start date in his I-797A is incorrect. He joined this company only in 2006 but the start date shown in I-797A is sometime in 2001.
    Though the END date is correct, Is it going to cause any problem in his Visa stamping?
    He got only 2 weeks to fly and skeptical about the turnaround timeframe to file for correction.

    His lawyer says it is a very minor problem and will not affect the visa stamping.

    Please share any similar experiences / ideas.

    Thanks a lot

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  • agc2005
    11-14 11:02 AM
    You can find ASC follow the link.

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  • ski_dude12
    01-20 04:08 PM
    Yeah. Mention the company's name that filed GC for you/wife. I did the same for my wife. During the interview we both were asked about whether employer had filed for our GC and we said yes. We got the visa, no issues whatsoever.

    10-14 01:20 PM
    Our payroll agency does the same. They do not even provide D-7 to the company because our payroll is incorporated with their other clients so that they can offer lower payroll fees. But they do print our company name in the paystubs. And if a need arises, they can make a copy for the requesting company for quarterly withholding summary.

    I guess you can just ask certification from the payroll agency that your paystubs came from your petitioning company. I don't think it will create a problem. USCIS can verify if they want to.

    11-04 02:17 PM
    I moved to a new company and yet to receive my I-797 approved from INS. My old company visa is valid till May 2010. If they have not revoked it can i still travel out of country and come back?

    What will they ask me in port of entry?


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